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Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Borobudur Sunrise Tour is the highlight in Java island and even Indonesia. Most travelers will put Borobudur Sunrise Tour at the main destination. Borobudur Sunrise visit can be combined with other various activities such as: village tour, city tour, arts and crafts shopping, adventures or other fun activities in Borobudur temple’s area and Yogyakarta. There so many activities day to day during your stay at Borobudur temple’s area or Yogyakarta.
1. Borobudur Temple Sunrise Tour.
The Sunrise time is different month to another, but the time will be around 05.15-06.10. This time difference because we are located on the equator which the sun moves around time to another based on the season (Dry and Rainy season). Also there are two volcanoes at the east direction (from Borobudur temple). Enjoy the quiet moment before other visitors (public gate opens at 06.15) come and rush the temple. Afterwards, take a guided tour exploring the temple reveal the great stories and a history of Borobudur temple (and Java island with the two great Kingdoms). After the guided tour by an expert local tour guide, you may enjoy a nice big breakfast (it is included with the admission).
2. Borobudur temple sunrise and Village tour by bikes or horse carts.
After visiting Borobudur temple spiritually at dawn time and see a beautiful sunrise, we will enjoy a big breakfast in Borobudur park Restaurant. While, our staff will prepare bikes or horse carts for you to explore villages nearby.
3. Borobudur Sunrise & Yogyakarta city Tour

4. Borobudur Sunrise & Dieng Plateau Tour

5. Borobudur Sunrise & The nine temples Tour