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Borobudur Today

Borobudur is still number one tourist destination in Indonesia. Borobudur today, is not only for a pilgrimage and spiritual spot, but this now becomes more than that where million people are fed. There around 300,000 international tourists and around 4 million domestic tourists come to visit yearly, to this  temple’s amazing splendor. This means plenty of opportunities for the locals to boost their economy through tourism. Moreover, the new Yogyakarta International Airport will operate soon to welcoming 25 million passenger every year, and has a direct access to Borobudur temple’s area (3o minutes only by car).

Borobudur temple and surrounding area attract million people and travelers to visit and explore. It might be a central institution for Buddhist community in the past time. Borobudur temple is said to be a Buddhist monument in an 7th century.