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Borobudur Tour and Transport

Borobudur Tour and Transport has been devoting to Borobudur village and surrounding area to invite, serve and make sure all travelers and visitors get a genuine Javanese atmosphere and environment during the holiday.

“Borobudur temple is a magnet to visit and explore spiritually starting early morning at sunrise till sunset time. Get plenty of knowledge of Buddhism and Javanese from the narrative panels..”

There a various great activities apart of visiting Borobudur temple itself. The activities can be combined with other natural, spiritual, adventure activities such as:

  • Menoreh Hill’s Hiking.
  • Walk and cross country.
  • Village tour by bikes, horse riding or horse-carts.
  • Volcano climbing.
  • River Rafting / River Tubing.
  • City Tour
  • Full Day Tour – CruiseLine (Semarang Harbor).
  • Java Overland Tour – Bromo, Ijen etc.