Borobudur Tour Packages (BTP) is belong to Borobudur Tour and Transport Company®.  Borobudur temple can be visited and explored starting from early morning for sunrise until sunset time. This can be divided into three different activities:
1. Cultural Activities
a. Borobudur temple visit at dawn
It is non regular visit to Borobudur temple. The best time to see sunrise is during the dry season, May-Oct. This activity is the highlight in Java, to visit early morning before public gate opens and feel the mythical experience at dawn. Afterwards, you may hire the local expert tour guide who will explain you the story of Borobudur temple and Java, reveal the mysteries of the temple and even find you the best angle for photography.
b. Borobudur regular visit
The public gate opens at 06.15 and we may visit and enter by this gate instead of the vip entrance gate. The best visit time for the regular Borobudur temple’s visit is morning time at 06.30 am-10.30 am or 02.30 pm-04.30 pm concerning the climate. Indonesia is located at the equator which make the climate in a tropical weather. Indonesia has only two seasons; Dry season and Wet (Rainy) season.
c. Temple’s Tour
There are 200 hundreds archaeological sites in Central Java island, even more. Borobudur and Prambanan temples are the largest one among other temples. Boroboudur Tour & Transport Company will be very happy to organize and escort you to explore and visit temples in Central Java island.
2. Adventures (Fun, Medium & Expert)
Borobudur Tour and Transport company is also available for adventure activities; Hiking, Bicycling, Walking tour, River rafting, Off road Jeep and some other outdoor activities in Borobudur temple’s area and Yogyakarta.
3. Arts and Crafts (Shopping, Arts making / lesson)
Borobudur temple used to be a central of Buddhism institution, as well the government’s activities in the past era. There is no evidence of the palace’s building, but Borobudur temple itself. Scholars and Archaeologists agree that the lack of evidence is not the matter that the central Government’s activities was not in Borobudur temple’s area. This is related to one of Javanese life’s philosophy that life is to dedicate to the gods, and they create temples as beautiful and strong as possible, rather than a palace or houses. Looking at the narrative walls and decoration at Borobudur temple (also other temples), we notice that they really paid attention to arts.
4. Foods and Culinary (Local foods testing, Cooking Class)
Borobudur Tour and Transport altogether with local hotels and restaurants presents cooking class activity to get great experience during your holiday moments in Borobudur temple’s area. Let us enjoy the great moments starting from at local market and cook the fresh stuffs at our kitchen.