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Nglinggo Tea Plantation Yogyakarta

Nglinggo Tea Plantation Yogyakarta is another great new spot located in the hills of Menoreh, Kulonprogo Regency, Yogyakarta. Nglinggo village has Tea Gardens almost in local’s houses. The largest tea plantation itself is located on the hill belong to the village. Nglinggo tea plantation which is indeed the main charm of this tourist village. Tourists who visit Nglinggo can walk along plot after plot of tea plantations located at an altitude of 800 m above sea level. From the tea plantation, we will see a beautiful scenery of the hill with interesting shapes, pine forests, and green expanse of valleys like thick carpets. Not only natural attractions, Nglinggo village is also rich in cultural tourism. Tourists visiting Nglinggo can learn agriculture, goat farming, and arts performances. Traditional local dance’s lesson ‘Jathilan’, wooden masks making, and batik workshop. Visitors can participate the activities of residents in tea gardens, coffee gardens, or making palm sugar, while inhaling the fresh air of the Menoreh hill.

Address: Nglinggo, Desa Pagerharjo, Kecamatan Samigaluh, Kabupaten Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta.

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